About Us

Whiskey Sisters Supply is a Colorado grains brokerage firm supplying quality ingredients from Colorado farmers to Colorado distilleries and malters to craft top-notch spirits.   We work directly with both parties to provide a seamless end-to-end experience that makes buying grain effortless.

In fact, we come from a family of farmers. As sisters, we grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado on a farm that was homesteaded in 1912 and is still in operation today. Today, we combine our love of our home with our love of a good spirit to keep our hometown community thriving.  We’re proud of our history and to be a part of both the farming and distilling community.

As a buyer you get to know the farmer and welcomed at any time to visit the operation where your grain is grown and harvested.  You will become family, but without the dysfunction.

Our goal is to facilitate a unique buying experience that keeps farms, distilleries, and local communities thriving.

For us, this is more than just business; this is our history

Photo Credit: Julia P Leighton